Your Express Lane to Sales

Can you quickly provide product information to your prospects?
Do you know which products your prospects are browsing online?

Using our SALESxpr software, you can quickly and easily:

* Email your prospects a link to your product information online
* Track the browsing activity of each prospect
* Provide product brochures and collateral materials online
* Allow prospects to request more information and apply for credit

We can help you improve your selling time at No Cost!!!

Your Express Lane to Sales

How easy is our SALESxpr software to use?

Simply enter the contact name and name of the business

Optional fields are available for use in:

* Email and Direct Mail marketing campaigns
* Phone call follow-ups
* Credit Screening
* Sales lead qualification and management

We can help you improve your selling time at No Cost!!!

Your Express Lane to Sales

How easy is it to create sales quotes and proposals?

Provide some basic information:

* Equipment Description
* Cost of Equipment, Accessories, etc.

The SALESxpr software will calculate the monthly payments
for you to quote over the phone or in a written proposal.

We can help you improve your selling time at No Cost!!!

Your Express Lane to Sales

How easy is it to create a customized written proposal?

* Select a product photo from the online catalog
* Optionally enter other text for your prospect

The SALESxpr software will quickly create a written proposal
using the quoted monthly payments, selected product image,
and your contact information.

The proposal is created as an Adobe PDF document. You can email
it directly to your prospect or it print for a presentation.

We can help you improve your selling time at No Cost!!!

Your Express Lane to Sales. Marketing, sales, and
finance software applications that increase sales!

productxpr logo is a product catalog portal that is beautifully displayed in Adobe’s Flash Viewer. Customers can easily navigate and search for products by manufacturer, product line, and specific products. The unique portal design allows prospective customers to find product information that maybe spread out in various locations quickly and easily.
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salesxpr logo empowers sales professionals with a personalized lead marketing and sales finance management software application. The application is intuitive and make it easy to enter new leads, maintain contact information, track lead statuses, enter notes and generate quick links to - the sales professional’s personalized product catalog portal.
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promoxpr logo is your web-based direct marketing solution to grow sales. Coupled with our family of business software applications, enables companies and sales professionals to expand their customer base and increase lead generation.
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financexpr logo

FINANCExpr.comcom is a web-based loan and lease processing system designed specifically to manage captive financing programs for capital equipment manufacturers, distributors and dealers. It is uniquely designed to deliver a broad range of financial solutions.
Continue Reading » is a finance management services company that has developed a unique technology platform that is specifically designed to manage captive equipment finance programs for capital equipment manufacturers, distributors and dealers. Our software and management services are designed with the marketing and sales professional in mind as the primary user. Our mission is to design and deliver systems and services that are:

  • Results oriented solutions
  • Rapidly implemented
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Operate as expected
  • Most importantly, provide value to our clients by helping them make more sales!

Finance And Sales Solutions

Our web based applications are an integrated family of software solutions that provides sales channel organizations and sales professionals with more efficient and results oriented ways to:

  • Promote and direct prospective customers to their products
  • Turn everyday prospecting and follow up emails into powerful E-marketing communications that turns leads into sales
  • Track when emails are read and which products your prospects are interest in
  • Increase closing ratios by focusing sales efforts towards interested viable prospects that are financially sound
  • Obtain quick, accurate product financing quotes with low affordable monthly payments
  • Promote creative equipment financing solutions
  • Produce professional looking product proposals that keep prospects focused on product features, benefits and affordability monthly payments
  • Simplify credit applications, documentation and funding
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